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Kevin Goertz Writes:"Never again. This company is only focused on sales and clearly doesn't care about customer service. I have ordered brake sets, blower motors and other car parts from this company over the past few years. They are priced well and offer good selection. But the positives stop there. They have 2 significant problems that will prevent me from ever ordering from here again even IF their prices are significantly lower. 1) They don't answer emails or return phone calls. I have tried 4 times now to get approval to return a blower fan for my BMW that failed in less than a year. I have called and left messages and sent multiple emails but haven't gotten any response. I'm about to give up and just order from a company that actually cares about their customer. 2) Their inventory system is not accurate. It often shows that they have stock of parts even though they don't. When you contact them (over the phone) to correct they will gladly sell you similar parts if available, but they just brush off the fact that their web site inventory is wrong. My time is not worth the small cost savings. All of my future orders will either go to Canadian or US vendors that know how to provide customer service."
Jul. 20, 2021
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Robert Morrison Writes:"Made a order from this company. they charged our credit card and said the order was on its way. NO TRACKING NUMBER. couple weeks goes by NOTHING. phoned them, They said they would look into it and call us back. NO return call. Have tried to call them many times with no answer... RAGHEADSCAM."
Jul. 07, 2021
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RENATO Management Writes:"I have been ordering parts from this team for over 5 years as I have own a few Mercedes over the past 10 yrs. My previous experience with this team was very poor as they didn't seem like they have sufficient staffs to respond to email or questions. However, my recent experience with this team has been escalated. It seems like they are now more attentive to my order and my needs and trying their best to help expedite the order. Their email response has improved significantly with less than 24 hrs response time. Great customer service focus!"
Jun. 26, 2021
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Brad Arndt Writes:"Terrible terrible terrible customer service. I ordered some control arms from here they they said they had 3 different qualities of in stock. Upon placing my order they said the ones I ordered were out of stock and said all the other upper control arms for said car were also out of stock. Wouldn't help me, wouldn't try and find something to work. Took a week to get my money back and only emailed me when it was convenient for them. My friend ordered a strut from here because it was a good deal. After paying for the expedited shipping and completing the order he emailed them to get a tracking number for the shipping as one was never supplied. They then told him he would have to pay extra for the expedited shopping because of item weight. Shouldn't your website say this!?!? Overall terrible company 2 weeks later we don't have the parts still. Vehicle still out of commission. Go anywhere else. Go to rock auto. Go to parts avatar. DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY WITH THESE JOKERS"
Jun. 22, 2021
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DAr Diff Writes:"Wrench Monkey always has the best prices online in Canada and also has the fastest free shipping out of anyone I've ever used! The staff is amazing and always contacts me immediately if the parts I've ordered are not in stock or are backordered. They offer me alternative options so your not waiting and can get your car/truck/classic car back on the road fast! Unless they don't carry the parts I need I ALWAYS use Wrench Monkey!"
Apr. 21, 2021